Glossar – FAQ

How can I find out about the availability of an apartment?

On our home page – go to the menu rent and select with the search function and enter your dates.

Can I visit the apartment beforehand?

We can try to organize a visit, please contact our office.

How can I reserve the apartment?

You need to send the rental contract (compilated and signed) back to the office within 24h

With whom am I making the contract?

The rental agreement is made directly with the owner. CaB acts as intermediary and is not a party in the contract.

Wie wird der Mietpreis für meine Wohnung bestimmt?

CaB hat ein System für die Preisermittlung auf der Basis der Wohnlage, der Wohnungsgröße sowie der speziellen Ausstattung der Wohnung.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is requested in order to protect the owner of the apartment against possible damages. If the apartment is returned in good condition, the caution money will be returned within 15 days after check-out.

How do I get the exact address of the apartment?

All information will be provided at the apartment handover. The address of the apartment is written on the second page of the contract.

Who is going to meet me for the apartment handover?

An employee of CaB will meet you in front of the apartment and will hand the apartment over.

Which are the times for the apartment handover?

Handover between 10:00 and 18:00, restitution of the keys within 10:00.

Will there be additional costs to be added if the restitution of the keys takes place after 10 am?

If the restitution of the keys takes place after 10 am due to a request of the guest, it will cost another day of rent.

In what state should I leave the apartment?

In an immaculate state: clean, no trash, freshly aired, the fridge has to be empty.

Am I allowed to bring pets?

Some apartments accept pets, most don´t. You have to ask our office.

Is smoking permitted?

No, smoking is not permitted in any of our apartments.

Are there any additional costs living in Berlin?

Liability insurance and Gez (broadcasting fees).

What criteria does my apartment need to fulfill to be managed by CaB?

It needs to be in a good area and well-served by public transport. In addition, it must be fully insured (including third party & the furnishings) and must have all utility contracts such as gas, electricity and internet. Allowances have to be paid regularly; a German bank account is mandatory.

If some criteria are not fulfilled, how do I proceed?

CaB will provide assistance to complete the missing criteria.

How is the rental price of my apartment determined?

CaB has an evaluation process based on the location, size and features of the property.

Can I work together with CaB, even if my apartment is displayed on other websites?

CaB usually requires an exclusive relationship with the client.

Can I make use of my apartment, even if it is managed by CaB?

Yes, but only for a maximum of 2 months/year.

How long is the duration of the contract?

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The minimum duration is 12 months and will be extended automatically. The contract can be canceled with a notice of 2 months.

This depends on whether the property is going to be rented furnished or unfurnished and whether any work needs to be done on the property, but is 2 month on average.

Is CaB an real estate agency?

Yes and No, it is a mediating & consulting agency which offers assistance with finding the right apartment in Berlin and also a classic Real Estate Agency with offering Properties to buy and sell.

How does the research process work?

Upon placing a service order with CaB, a tour will be organized to view the previously selected properties together with the client.

How can I make an appointment?

It is sufficient to write to and once you have received the documents, please send the completed contact form so we can contact you for a telephone appointment.

Which extra costs do I have to expect for the purchase?

This depends on whether the property was put on the market by an agency or by a private owner. Therefore the costs vary from 8% to 15% of the property price, and include taxes, notary, registration of property deeds and agency fee 7,14%.

How high is the income on an apartment in Berlin?

A realistic net income is around 1,5 – 2,5%.

What is the time frame from decision to buy to the actual purchase?

On average it takes 3-4 weeks from decision to buy to the signing of the notary deeds.

How long after the purchase do I need to wait for the key hand-over?

This depends on the contract and the point of payment, but on average it should take one month.

How long do I need to wait from the point of key hand-over to the point of renting out the apartment?

This depends on whether the property is going to be rented furnished or unfurnished and whether any work needs to be done on the property, but is 2 month on average.

Does CaB help the customer with banking and mortgage issues?

No, but we can offer the service to accompany our clients when opening a current account. If necessary, we can provide a list of contacts for these issues.

Does CaB have partnerships with other external bilingual service providers?

Yes, amongst these are notaries, architects and accountants.

How long is the duration of the contract?

The minimum duration is 3 months and will be extended automatically.