Berlin is one of the most interesting cities for real estate investments

Berlin is one of the most interesting cities for real estate investments
In recent years, Berlin has seen a steady trend of investors from abroad – especially from Italy – in the real estate sector. This is mainly due to the property prices in the German capital,
which are among the most moderate of all major cities in Europe. 
They range between €4,000.00 and €7,000.00 per square metre. In general, a renovated flat in a central location costs between €4,500.00 and €6,000.00 per square metre.
Berlin is and remains worth investing in!
Below we show you in 6 of the most important steps that take place when buying. CASE a BERLINO accompanies you through the entire process – from the search to the handover – we are your competent partner when it comes to real estate.

Support during the purchase process

1 - Research
Let’s get to know each other better with a conversation

If you do not know Berlin well enough, we will work together to define the location (districts) that fit your ideas, your individual needs and financial availabilities.

If you already know in which district your apartment should be located, we will together define further search criteria to find your desired property:

  • Location (neighborhood/street)
  • Position (ground floor to top floor)
  • Floor plan (square meters) / Room
  • Financing (with/without loan)

According to your search criteria, we will select those apartments that might interest you. We can offer you apartments from our exclusive portfolio as well as from our well-functioning, wide-ranging network.

Accordingly, we can act directly as real estate agents or offer you individual advice and assistance in your search.

As soon as the right apartment has been found for you, you will receive an exposé with all important information about the property. If you are interested, we will gladly organize a viewing appointment together.

Once a suitable property has been found for you, we will send you all the important documents for the apartment and the entire building so that you can get a complete overview.

If you have already found your desired property, we can offer you a professional assessment and advice and check the documents. For this purpose it is sufficient to forward us the following documents – which you can ask for at your real estate agent / seller:

  • Minutes of the last owners’ meetings
  • Account statement of the maintenance reserve 
  • Business plans
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Declaration of partition

With the help of these documents we can help you to estimate the costs you will have to pay and we will provide you with the arguments for negotiating the purchase price.

In general, it is possible to negotiate the purchase prices stated in the exposé. The margin is different for each seller.

We are your negotiating partner to achieve an appropriate purchase price for you with the seller.
As soon as the final purchase price has been determined, the property will be reserved for you.

A notary should be contacted to prepare a draft of the purchase contract.

As the buyer you have the right to choose a notary you trust. If necessary, we can suggest some bilingual notaries who can advise you in your native language and provide you with a draft contract in your native language.

The purchase contract is signed by the seller and the buyer in front of the appointed notary.

If one of the parties cannot be present to sign the deed, we are available to act as your representative. A subsequent approval of the deed will then take place before a notary or a German embassy or consulate by the person who could not be present at the signing of the purchase contract.

The official document is in German language. A multilingual support by a notary or translator is possible at any time. We are here in a close network of notaries and certified translators, so we can provide you with an individual notarization. 

After the purchase contract has been signed, we will guide you through the subsequent steps:

  • The notary will arrange for the registrations due according to the purchase contract to be registered with the
    * Land registry
    * Land charge order for a bank (in case of financing)
    * Real estate transfer tax
    * Administrator approval 
  • If entries have been made, the notary will issue the request for payment (notification) by e-mail and by post. You now have 14 calendar days to transfer the purchase price. 
  • Seller informs the notary about the receipt of payment
  • Benefit/load change in the form of key handover is carried out in accordance with the purchase contract (usually on the day after receipt of payment or on the 1st of the month). All rights and obligations are transferred to the buyer
  • The final registration in the land register takes place about 2-3 months after signing the purchase contract (this depends on the bureaucratic procedures) 

During the whole process we are at your disposal as your contact person. 
After completion, we can take care of the special management of your new property, should you be interested in renting it out. 

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