Have respect for your neighbours by living together peacefully.
Please follow these guidelines:

  1. idle periods: every day 13-15h, 20-8h, sunday and holidays all day long
  2. waste separation according to indications in the waste area
  3. common areas such as the staircase, the entrance hall, the courtyard are to be respected: please don´t make any noise, or leave any items, no smoking please
  4. please do always check if you have closed all doors safely
  5. the apartment has to be aired every day
  6. for any problems with the apartment please contact immediately service@caseaberlino.com on weekends or holidays please contact the numbers on the information sheet in the apartment
  7. pets are only permitted where CASE a BERLINO has explicitly approved
  8. do not put your name on the doorbell or the letterbox
  9. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the apartment. Any extra cleaning due to the smell of smoke will be at the expense of the tenant.

For emergencies