We can offer a variety of 170 furnished apartments for
medium rentals all over Berlin.

You will get your keys to your home in Berlin
in 4 easy steps!


Search for an apartment HERE according to availabilites or

send us the contact form including the following informations:

  • Date check in
  • Date check out
  • How many tenants
  • Presence of pets
  • Name of the apartment and of your favorite district

2. Offer

You will get asap an offer per email with:

  • Detailed rental offer
  • Alternative available apartments
  • Attention! The offer is not to be considered a reservation
  • Confirm the offer per email. If the apartment is still available you will receive a draft of the contract

3. Contract

Follow these steps to complete your contract:

  • Fill out, sign and send the contract via email within the next 24h
  • Proceed with the payment as indicated in the contract
  • The apartment is now reservated for you!

4. Hand-over OF KEYS

Contact our service-team to organize the check in.

  • Within one week before your arrival you will get an email from our team
  • The check in will take place between 15:00 and 18:00
  • During the check in we will draft a handover protocol which will be signed by both parties. You will get a copy.
  • The house rules are part of the rental contract!


We wish you a pleasant stay in Berlin.

If you have furthers questions - maybe you´ll find the answers here at FAQ

Berlin and its districts - 'KIEZE'

Berlin consists of 12 districts (so called 'Bezirke').

Every district is subdivided into many smaller neighborhoods with the famous 'KIEZE'. Here you will find some hints
about the most famous neighborhoods in Berlin. Special thanks for contributing to the following texts to Tania Masi, Berlino CLUPGUIDE and our partner, the official website of Berlin VISITBERLIN.DE

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